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Away from me - Your WRITES

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How do you know?
We're you there?
Should I be mad?
We're my words turned into lies?
Who wrote that?
Was it you?
Oh that's a surprise

They take and never give
They lie and steal
Edit and take the credit

Pure thoughts turn to dirt
Feeling like a fool
Why should I bother to play by the rule?
Why do I have to explain?
You don't care about my pain

I think maybe it's done
Cos I can't change the world
I don't wanna be the one

Maybe it's time to sit still
Let someone else give you a thrill
You don't care about me
And you never will

If you don't hear from me
Would you miss me?
The dark place is calling again
She want to be my friend
Close my eyes and slip away
Into the night I'm leaving the light

Peaceful, quite and still
Not a word is needed
No crowds are allowed
Settle down
No longer the clown

Ground turns to dust
Oh really you want me to please you?
Is that a must?
Maybe I no longer care
I don't give a damn if you stare.

I know you'll judge me
But I need to be freed
I need somewhere new
Escape is what I must do

My mind is racing
Yes they can't catch me now
I am escaping
Open the widows
Let the light in
Into the sky
On wings I do fly


wish i can fly away to to fogotten land and be safe


I can so relate to every word.


Vary nice Carol ......

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