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Hold my hand - Get HAPPY

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your hand in mine
I once held my hand out
you took hold of it
and held it tight
you squeezed so hard
I knew you would never let go

But then I squeezed hard too
I could not let go
and I would not let go....

I opened my eyes & saw this
I opened my hand once more
I held your hand in mine gentle
I drew little circles in your palm
and tiny heart shapes
you looked into my eyes
you smiled and I kissed you softly

Love can not be held too tight
you can not squeeze it too tight
even if you feel you can't ever let go
love needs to be free
so forgive me

what we have between us is special
no one can take it away
I love you.


Keep em comming Carol, you seem to amaze me at times. Like with this one right here. We need to catch up on Facebook I have something to tell u.



Very sweet and so true!


Vary nice,Carol ......

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