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Be brave in the dark - Your WRITES

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Be brave in the dark
I look into your eyes
I see your tears
all your questions
and all your fears
I will cry with you and hold you
powerless we will fight this together
through the rain & wind
no matter the weather
tears will make us strong
how can love ever be wrong
be brave in the dark
I'll hold the torch
and I'll shine the light
all the wrong will be right
Don't ever stop believing and dreaming.

I don't think I have to say much about this one.
Just keep the faith and hold on to hope.
Believe in your dreams.
Be brave.


For You Are The One by Chris Messick. He's very talented
Oh well I just write my own stuff maybe it's easier to copy and paste it.


Yes Carol, be vary brave ........ Vary good ... Tommy lol xxx

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