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Hey everyone

As you know we have a blog: gays.com/blog and we are looking for some more contributors.

We love this group and I think we can do more...get this group on the map.

We would love to have some of you write for the blog so we can publish it...you can choose to do so anonymously or take full credit.

Here's what we're thinking in terms of topics

-- Bullying online
-- Protocol for friending members on here (Carol wrote about this the other day, what is the point of adding a friend here and not saying "Hi"?
-- How to use some of the features on here, or how YOU use it, i.e. Chat, Groups, Filling in your profile, how you offer support
-- Anything else that tickles ya fancy :0)

-- Life story - doesn't have to be about being gay, perhaps something you've overcome, dealt with, an illness, a family tragedy, etc
-- Living with a person with addiction
-- Living with someone who has a mental illness
-- Living with someone who is disabled
-- Being successful in business / education
-- Dealing with a trauma, either from childhood or as an adult
-- How technology has affected you, either positively or negatively

-- Funny / embarrassing stories
-- Finding true love online / on Gays.com (we love to hear of how people met the love of their life!)

-- Can't get enough of coming out stories...wanna tell yours?

We could showcase your poetry, especially if you have a few themed ones...or we could run a collection of them

The idea would be that you pop an email to me (tara@gays.com) and Calvin and I will organise with you when we would publish and how.

What do you think? You game?



Gosh this is like a to do list for me do i have to write about it all or can I just say yes to all of the above?
from being bullied as a kid, hiding my feelings, trying to fit in, having traumas that were life changing, learning it doesn't matter what others think of me, not getting help when I needed it, knowing that I am the only one that can change my world for the better, helping others, finding love and losing it, feeling like dying and fighting to live, my list goes on and on lol
My on-line experiences are also amazing, yes I've met so many interesting people and I am always happy to talk to them. It's the place I find out secrets, what others hide from the real world.


Let me think on it, I haven't been keeping up on my writing groups as is, but I believe that Imay have things to contribute.


Noooo, @Carol you do not have to write all that! Hahaha I just wanted to give some ideas. Of course, each blog would have to be about one topic, so sure…see it as a list to tackle…or choose something entirely different!
We just want to encourage more contribution…you send it, we edit and publish it! What do you think? Which will be your first contribution? :0)

@Tristram that would be so cool…thanks…just pop me an email when you’re ready! tara@gays.com

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