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You can say you love but in the end,
it is never true.
If anything happens that,
you don’t like due to your foolishness,
it will be your fault,
and yours alone.
If you hurt her who is the sun in the day,
and the moon at the night,
you will lose all you say you care about.
Since I,
your own daughter who has always tried so hard to please and only upset,
will go with the sun,
and if thee brat prince who follows his grandfathers steps my brother,
and my sister the shining star choose to stay with their mother I will do all in my writes and power I can to help them get to where they wish.
I will personally make sure they have a say in where they go.
This way they never get moved from one family member to another.
They will have a stable home.
One that is far more stable than the one we live in now all together,
as one fake happy family.
And I know if you ever read this it will hurt,
but personally I couldn’t careless anymore,
I’ve had enough
Had enough of your lies.
Your deceit.
You are and always have been as long as I have known you a lair,
and someone who could never keep to there word.
No matter how much you tried.
This may put you in tears.
But this is the truth.
For everyone I have been the light to shine and put a smile on their face,
you took that away,
and now,
I’m getting it back.
Even if that means dragging you all the way down.
I will rise again,
I will prove you wrong,
but only when I am free from here.


This a very powerful and reeled with deep emotion
I hope everything works out for you and your family


Very powerful !

I know what it is to live in a turbulent family. Thankfully, over time, it found peace. I hope you find what you are looking for in the not too distant future.......... : )


yes it is carol & David, siany has written a dark story, she describes herself as a goth, no doubt wears gothic crosses, and dark clothes, nothing wrong with that, me i wear a pentacle, she probaly also likes what i like on fb, lots of dark material, but she seems to be not sure whether she is living a lie, or if her family are, she may even have been at warrington pride, which i gather was a nice day, and just like all teenagers have a wanting to go out and enjoy her life and not feel constrained by family or rules, what she needs to understand it was the same for all even her mum and dad, as it was for their mums and dads, its normal the wish to be free, dont think your family would object, and later on after a few years you may end up not hating them.
Just do me a favour siany, dont end up homeless on the streets, its pretty rough in winter, plan your leaving, think all possibilities through, and also see the council and get on the housing list.


thanks guys and hopefully things will get sorted soon.
I was inspired by something that happened last night, and I'm not thinking of leaving yet, not unless my step mum does in which case I'll be leaving with her.

And I do, or did wear a lot of gothic crosses and stuff... and judging by your profile picture Ailean I would say we like the same kind of art work pages of fb. Never been Warrington Pride I'm the kind of teen who tends to stay in a lot, unless feels the need to go out.


well siany, carol will tell you on fb i use the icon or avatar of the pentacle, and yes i like a lot of artwork associatated with witchcraft, vampires, and gothic subjects, as for staying in well thats fine, but mabey you should go to liverpool pride, and warrington pride, both events are nice days out, and you can make new friends that way.
As for the problems you are having remember they have been around since time began
....But many there are throughout our land
who have made there offspring poor,
and instead of raising them in love,
have cruelly robbed there nest;
depriving them of food and clothes,
which they should have in gift,
thus leaving them weak with no support,
to get their fill.

with harshest words he cursed his wife,
with wild and terrible words;
a strenghtless, formless knave,
directing swears at his bairns,
who dared not come his way.

She had all but lost her strength,
she looked at him with piteous eye,
and slowly moved her lips;
trusting that providence would be kind,
and change him in his time,
she shut her eye in eternal sleep,
from which she'll never stir.

part of an old poem i learned long ago, its very dark, one of the darkest in my language, the gaelic, it was written during the clearences, where so many families were made homeless, and dumped in the cities, to starve or survive, as always we have to be strong for others we care about, even if they dont care.


Powerful and poignant!

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