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deal with what you did - Your WRITES

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You can say you love but in the end,
it is never true.
If anything happens that,
you don’t like due to your foolishness,
it will be your fault,
and yours alone.
If you hurt her who is the sun in the day,
and the moon at the night,
you will lose all you say you care about.
Since I,
your own daughter who has always tried so hard to please and only upset,
will go with the sun,
and if thee brat prince who follows his grandfathers steps my brother,
and my sister the shining star choose to stay with their mother I will do all in my writes and power I can to help them get to where they wish.
I will personally make sure they have a say in where they go.
This way they never get moved from one family member to another.
They will have a stable home.
One that is far more stable than the one we live in now all together,
as one fake happy family.
And I know if you ever read this it will hurt,
but personally I couldn’t careless anymore,
I’ve had enough
Had enough of your lies.
Your deceit.
You are and always have been as long as I have known you a lair,
and someone who could never keep to there word.
No matter how much you tried.
This may put you in tears.
But this is the truth.
For everyone I have been the light to shine and put a smile on their face,
you took that away,
and now,
I’m getting it back.
Even if that means dragging you all the way down.
I will rise again,
I will prove you wrong,
but only when I am free from here.


Wow. Just... just wow.


This piece of work is awesome as usual. Once a writer, always a writer (: But are you alright, Bella? xx

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