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Hey everyone, don't know about you, but I cannot stand those telemarketers that call to sell me sh&t I don't want! Living in Spain I often pretent I don't speak Spanish and get really peeved when they reply "Oh, I can speak in English."

Like, NO!!! I want you to go away!!! And of course, hanging up on them is an option but the English politeness in me won't allow me to.

So, how do you deal with them? What are the easiest and quickest way to get them off the damn phone?

Let me know, please!


i usually say i'm recording the call and if they break the european Data Privacy Directive then i will take them personally to court at this point they usually hang up on me,don't think theres a page in there book that covers this
the Data Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC forces the governments of its member states to issue laws that prohibit general cold calling but most cold callers have never heard of it so assume it means something it doesn't lol.


back in the day when I received calls from telemarketers I don't now because I no longer have a house phone just a cell, any way I would keep an air horn near my phone and when they call i would just blast them with the air horn and they never called me again lol


I know it sounds mean but they would call at all hours for the day and I really just got fed up with it!


Hi, Tara,

Well, I continue to have a similar problem because I maintain a land line. By far, most of the calls I get are from people I don't know and don't want to talk to, either.

Sooo, I have developed a number of strategies:

1) I got one of those telezappers on the market and hooked it up to my land line: it's very easy to do.

2) I have an ID Caller machine that tells me who is calling. If I don't want to talk to the person, I let the answering machine deal with them---- that's when I leave the phone on the hook.

3) I have voicemail: so that makes it easy just to take the phone off the hook. My home is lot quieter. I use the land line phone only when I want to-- and unwanted callers cannot use my land line phone as a tool to bother me. I check the voicemails when I want.

4) The cell phone is very useful to have, as it is still a private phone; although the folks out there, who want to reach us, are working on trying to develop a database of phone numbers, just like the one they have been using for years, to exploit our land lines. But, for now, the cell phone number is still basically private.


I read a letter from an elderly lady, complaning about this. Her method: She would put on a very polite and a bit trembling voice and say: Just give me a moment, I will ask my husband. Then she would put the phone down (not disconnecting) and just continue, with whatever she was doing, for five minutes or so. After a few times of doing that she was not bothered agaim.


I try and turn the conversation right around so that I take the role of telesales person and make them the potential purchaser. So I'd say, ' Look, before you go on, I've got this fantastic investment opportunity that I'd like to bring to your attention. Oh, you did get the mail shot that our company sent 6 months ago, didn't you. Can't remember it? Well, let me remind you ..... we are looking for a load of really dumb investors - just like you- to invest in the manufacture and sales of these AMAZING sextoys. Shall I explain how they work .'......and so you go on, and on, and on. The callers we get are not supposed to put the phone down at their end and so they struggle to get out of the situation and you play with them like a cat with a mouse. They are meanwhile wasting time when they should be trying to get a new commission. Well, I enjoy it ..... Don't know if they do!!!


Thurs., Jan 10th, 13, 17:15 hrs M.S.T,

Hi Group,
Telemarketing. Don't You Just Love
that Kind of Bull Shit. Used to Get
Calls for Magazines and Other items.
I Used to Say, Well I Get Trains, Model
Railroader and Other Hobby Magazines
Plus Transportation etc. They Didn't
Like That .. Funny Thing, I DON'T Hear
From Them Anymore, Wonder Why.
The One I Like the Best - Here Goes!
"Let Me Ask my Boy Friend, OK". They
Hang Up QUICKLY. Guess They Can't
Handle Homosexuals!.
I Don't Miss the Telemarketers Really,
Sure Miss the Calls, Let Me ask My
Boy Friend, 1st OK. LOL.



I get a little smart depending on what they are trying to sell me...if it is the newspaper or a magazine I may not know how to read or am blind...if it is roofing I would love a new one on the underground bunker. Have fun with it and you will soon be the nutter that they stop calling. I also at one time had a funny msg on the recording and had several laughing so hard that they were calling just to hear it or having their coworkers call to hear it.


I used to have a tape-playing answering machine; for a while, I played a welcoming tape, which featured an Elvis impersonator singing a greeting and a request that the caller leave a message. It wasn't long before my machine was filled with messages left by people from all over the US--- telling me how much they LOVED the tape! Which is, of course, why I got the answering machine-- to have half the US leaving messages about my greeting tape............ : )

I now have a computer chip answering machine with a brief greeting message recorded by my brother. : ))


hahaha @David, I love the idea of selling to them! And sex toys! too funny!
@Tonia, how clever! so when they call and ask "which phone carrier to you use?" I'll say I don't have a mobile phone! hahaha, that should confuse them cos they normally call on my mobile! (that's cell phone to you Northern Americans!)

Great ideas, my favourite one tho has to be putting them on hold! I'm gonna try that one!


I stil have something which is called contrascript. (itś in dutch tegenscript) It gives you a way to ask them questiond like: what was your name again? could you spell that for me? How long have you done this job? how much money do you make? and a whole lot more.

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