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Be my Tinkerbell - Get HAPPY

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If I was Peter Pan would you be my Tinkerbell?
I love everything about you and I know you so well
If I was Micky would you be my Minnie Mouse?
I'd take good take of you and you'd live in my house

You never love yourself half as much as I love you
Have you even noticed I'm sticking to you like glue
Your every little wish I'm trying to make come true
Because I'm in love with you

If I was Lancelot would you be my Guinevere
Because I can't be without you
I want to keep you near
What about Donald and Daisy Duck
Cos I know I could give you a good cuddle lol
I like to tickle and make you giggle
You get scared cos you think you might pee
But you're perfect to me

I could even be Tarzan and you could Jane
I will keep you safe under my umbrella out of the rain
I'd be your Jack and you are Jill
You know how much I love you
And I always will


Dam Carol, is that for your gf or for some special woman you have your eyes on? lol Anyways it sureis a nice poem and it makes a lot of sense.

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