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Poem I wrote years ago "Rejoice and be glad!" - Poetry Group

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Rejoice and be glad!

Let us praise all who are lovers!
It is they who bring joy to us!
Even though we may be lost,
Let us rejoice for them!
It is they who remind us that love is possible,
That love survives and that it is real
and to be sought in all things
People, places and things.
Let us praise the artist who help us understand the
Mysteries of life and bring our dreams
into works of art, poetry, novels, books and movies,
That we may better understand the Human condition.
Needless to say that Love is the essence of life.
With out it, we are heartless zombies
going about our daily lives
without any hope or dreams.
It is love that gives the stars at night
their magic and the ability to touch
our inner most being.
Do we not soar at the sound of the ocean on the shore?
It cleanses our fears
to make them far away
or sometimes not at all.
There is a rhythm in the universe
and we find it in love.
The purpose of our whole being,
is to share the Love given to us on a dark day
on Calvary's hill.
My Lord, Savoir,
and my friend and innermost lover.
Jesus Christ!

Andre Zitouniadis


nice poem huni,and even though we stand on opposite shores, blessings for 2013


Thank you Ailean, you are very kind to say so. And distance can not keep the hearts of friends apart for they are one, everywhere they go.

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