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Then and now - Your WRITES

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Sick and pathetic
I looked at your pictures today
A memory time took away
I remember you told me you'd love me forever
But there were so many girls and it wasn't just me
I'm glad you set me free

I see you are writing someone else's name on your hand
I remember you cut my name in your arm
Later you tattooed another girls name on your wrist
I hope you stop all that self-harm
And I'm glad I'm now off your list

You know my love was deep
I would have loved you always
But you liked to play around
I guess you didn't like it when
I saw the truth

Now I wish you well
I honestly don't care
If you are ever happy
Because I walked through the rain
I cried my tears of pain

I met someone new
And she loved me for a little while
Then she left me too
When she went away
I didn't think I'd ever be happy ever again

I had a friend she knew my pain
We sat for hours many times
We just talked and held hands
Love grew slowly to my surprise
And than we started making plans

She knows I get jealous
When others look her way
I want her more and more each day
I see lovers pass me by
And they smile and laugh
We are so far apart
But she has a special place in my heart

Somedays I feel so lonely, sad and blue
Then she is there and smile is all I can do
My world lights up
Like fireworks in a dark sky
Sparks in the night
Crackle and bang
My heart explodes
With such delight

I can't tell her enough how much I love her
Everyday I love her more
And my smile on my face is so big
My face gets sore

Oh and she is beautiful
She makes the flowers in my garden look like weeds
I want her so badly
Everyday I say
Darling I love you madly


nice carol, reminds me of a old ditty,
In former days we'd both agree
That you were me, and i was you.
What has happened to us two,
that you are you, and i am me!


Love at the closing of our days
is apprehensive and very tender
glow brighter,brighter,farewell rays
of one last love in its evening splendour.

Blue shade takes half the world away:
through western clouds alone some light is slanted.
O tarry,O tarry, declining day,
enchantment,let me stay enchanted.

The blood runs thinner, yet the heart
remains as ever deep and tender.
O last belated love, thou art
a blend of joy and of hopeless surrender.


beautiful carol


Strong yet vulnerable, a thing of beauty.

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