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Where you can't find your kind. - Lesbian Ladies

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Anyone here living in a place where there are no gays or lesbians at all? Despite knowing that you can only have feelings for girls, all you see around you are only guys or girls who are super straight?
Being in such a place, would you want to be out and proud? Or just silently be who you are.
Being in such a place, what would you tell those who tell you "being gay is a phase", "it won't last long, you'll change eventually." Seriously, I wouldn't choose to live a difficult live by choosing to be a lesbian. Do you guys go through long lectures by people who you know for being who you are; lesbians?
It's not Something to make a decision about. If you can only have feelings towards a girl, then that's what you can. You can't force yourself to have feelings towards a guy. If you do that, then that's an act. How long would you wanna be acting in your life. Some people are acting for live long.
If I could, I would. But I can't, so I shan't.


I's say that there are some people out there whose 'phases' last 82 years and counting. And tell them that they'll grow out of this straight homophobic phase and that the will change eventually.

Good on you girl!


I used to hate when people said that to me but now even though I still get those same comments and sometimes worse, I don't really care about what they think. My only issue now is meeting actual lesbians who are around my age or so. That has been the hardest part for me I think.


I live in a small town right off the edge of Baton Rouge.
I remember in my Civics class, sophmore year, we debated just to get the idea of how platforms work.
The topic was gay marriage.
I was one of three students that agreed with gay marriage opposing the other twenty-two.
My group of three nominated me as the spokesperson. I made two strong points setting up the debate, and I was prepping the evidence when the guy I was debating against said, "Well, aren't you a lesbian? You have to be for gay marriage; it's like an obligation." With that comment, all the doubt I placed in a minority of those people dispersed, I could feel it in the audience.
At the end of the Sophomore year, we consolidated a group of people that said they wanted a GSA. Unfortunately, the school board and administration vetoed the request. We conjured up a petition, though. A kid in the class ahead of me made it his senior project the next year. He landed himself an interview with some Parenting mag. We changed a few minds; it's not much, but it's a start. I wrote this essay for my Rhetoric class concerning the topic of gay marriage.
To my pleasure, it was praised.... unanimously. GSA is still just an underground group, nothing you could place on a college resume, but the movement is progressing. Every month, I leave this small town to go sit in a lecture at LSU. The atmosphere is so much different; it's like two different states. They're more accepting there.

Succinctly, I know how you feel. We could use it to our advantage and (in cliche) be the change we want to see.


Hey Kirsten,

Your choice of being a lesbian, is now your way of life. Criticism towards that choice of yours may be as harsh, or maybe even trying to change who you are - making it seem right to what society is based upon; but, it shouldn't be that big 'Black Hole' in your life, silently and deeply sucking out your true identify and feelings of who you really are. That's where you belong, and you should be proud of it (about your sexuality, I mean). In such a place where you know you silently are a lesbian, makes it a strong point for you. Why? Because, people should start seeing that you are proudly different from them regarding your feelings and the way you are, in a good way of course. You don't have to be out loud about it yet, because it's not everyone that would seriously be interested in knowing of it - for now.

Time is a big factor in everything we do, because that's the only thing that shows your true character, identity, and intentions - not forgetting that, it heals a great deal. You may not have an audience besides you right now (based on your sexuality), but if you are patient enough to let them know how it feels to be that way, I don't see why they won't be supportive of it. Don't be agitated to the fact that they may not be accepting it right now, but don't be imposing about it either, that they're to know of it right now and change their mentality on such a concept. They will. Time will help them realize that. I promise.

Hope I tried answering your concern(s). If not, let me know.



Hey lovely ladies, thanks for all your comments. I love what you said, Micky. It was funny though.
I just guess this situation will take a very long time to change. Have to deal with it I guess. But definitely it's gonna be a great challenge to continue living life in such a society if I wanna be the real me. Good luck to myself and those who're living in similar situations!

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