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2013! - Gay Guys! <3

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Tues., Jan 1st,/13 !2:30 Hrs. M.S.T.

Hi Group,

Its 2013 - A New Year Has Begun.
I Think Its Going to B Challenging,
Yet, I Think We Will See a Lot of
Positive Things Happen, Yet at the
Same Time, There Will B Set Backs
as Well. Its NOT all Roses Either.
Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Would B Nice to Have on the Federal
Level to Make it Illegal Across the
States. This is IMPORTANT. We Have
it in CANADA, NO Reasons WHY it Can't
B Legal Below the 49th,
In Canada We Have so Called "Marriage
Equality". - Gay Marriage.. Were Lucky.
Just Because Joe Biden Endorsed Gay
Marriage B 4 Obama Did, Doesn't Mean
He is All For It. Passing Positive Remarks
Looks Good. Getting It Legalize is a Totally
Different Ball Game. Demecrats Verses
Proposition H8te. If it Gets Thrown Out, It
Means Gays Get the Right to Marry if They
are lucky]. Also Has Serious Reprocussions
for the Catholic/Mormon Church and All the
Hate Groups in California like N O M and
Groups like Focus on the Family etc.
For the States It Going to B an Interesting
Year for Gay Equality. Lets See What Happens,




I think we can expect changes in all of North America and other countries, as much has happened already. But we can't expect churches to change to suit us. However, perhaps they could learn to enforce their moral codes among themselves and not the world in general. Anyhow nice wishes, thanks!


Tues., Jan 1st/13, 16:20 Hrs. M.S.T.
I Left Out, Politics, Buisness and
Resources, Financial, 4 Areas I
Follow Because Its an Areas a Lot
Gay People Don't Follow from My
I Follow it a LOT Because I Learned
a Lot Working as a "Self Employed
Courier in Calgary.
I Don't Mind to Post, But Don't Need
Hostilities for Doing So.


Yes, those are all areas we can work for change in too. I don't think, or I don't hope you should get hostilities for your posts. They are a bit hard to understand, and in a different format, but I think we get the meaning.

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