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asian guys have the right moves - Gay Guys! <3

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asian guys on gay porn seem to have all the right moves they know how to please thier man PS. i would love to meet up with an asian in the orlando florida area


Oh boy beleive me, that is so true. I've had a quite a few asians, in my time. No matter there culture, there sex is to die for. Love it.


Thurs, Jan 3rd,/13 12:%0 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi Group,
I Live With a Guy (25 Yrs). Years ago
WE had a Vietnamise Guy Living With
Us. Sure Liked Gay Porn. At Times We
Used to Watched it NAKED, He Always
Asked Me to "Suck It". No Problem.
Showers. At Times He Used to Ask Me
to Hop In Showers. Picking Up the Soap
was OK. He Sure Knew How to Fuck Ass
in the Showers. It was Always a "Nice
Experience" Cock Up Your Ass in a Showers.
He Later Moved On,, but the Experiences
Were Fun and Enjoyable.
That's My Experiences with an Asian Gay

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