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HAPPY 2013 !!! - Your WRITES

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Did you miss anything in half of your life? Woohoooooooo.... It is now 2013, n let's all say Goodbye to 2012. New Year w new hopes, new dreams, new desires, new journey n also new faith.

Sometimes when we get busy w work, we spent lesser time w family, or friends. If you missed important thing in your life, chased It back.

You could have missed your favorite movie?

You might have been searching for something or someone in your life?

You probably have always wanted to try something new on the menu from the restaurant?

You could be looking for your favorite CD album but realized It's no longer available, so you were so upset that you walked out of the shop.

What about favorite food?

There must be something in your life you ever missed, n DO IT !!!!

I know sometimes life brings us down, doesn't mean you have to stop moving b/c the time is moving n (I m walking behind you, excuse me lol ,, please kindly make way, don't just stop, keep walking) I m not behind you.. Just jo_oking lol

PS: Even If you're heartbroken or hurt, doesn't mean you have to stop moving b/c If you dwell anything in 2012, you're so gonna miss out so much on 2013.

Happiest 2013 to everyone,
Ella x^______________^x


And to you too Elia ......... Have a Vary,vary, happy 2013 ......
Tommy lol xxx


Let's hope it is all good.


missed all 300 friends on here for 5 months ella, and came back for the few that dont have fb, have a nice new years day, not quite the bells here yet just under 2 hrs to go in the uk

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