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A priest, a minister and a transsexual woman were standing at the pearly gate in front of St. Peter. First the minister spoke up "I fed the hungry, clothed the poor, and spread the word of God throughout the land". St. Peter said unto him "you have done well on earth, but you have sinned against your brother. You shall spend the next 7 year in purgatory to atone for those sins you did commit then you shall enter heaven".

The priest spoke next. "I have done as my brother the minister has, and I have lived a life of sacrifice, humility and chastity. I have served only God, kept only God's laws and I offer my unworthiness to God now". St. Peter reviewed his notes and spoke unto the priest. "You have indeed lived a pious life and yet you too, have sinned, "You shall only have to spend one year in purgatory to atone for your sins".

Next St. Peter turned to the transsexual and spoke softly, "Go in my dear they are waiting for you". The minister and the priest both protested to St. Peter. "Why in all our piety have we been condemned to purgatory when that creature against whom we preached and whom we chastised, merely passes into heaven?' St. Peter simply glared at the two and said, "Boys, thanks to you and the people like you she has already been through hell".


That's great. I love that joke, just desserts to the two hypocrites who rail against change. If they had God in their hearts he would use transsexuals to open their minds to possibilities. I once was friendly with a Black, female minister who railed against homosexuality and AIDS victims. One of her female parishioners that she had known for years spoke to hear and God softened Diane's heart. Leona told her of growing up Leon, of being a male prostitute to afford his reassignment surgery and contracting HIV from his need to be a woman. Rev. Diane became one of the first Black ministers in Brockton to change the Black clergy's minds about gay people and transsexual people and those afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

She asked me to forgivr her for turning me away from her church when I had been doing HIV outreach in the city. I told her that we bothneeded to thank Leona for stepping out of the safety of her new life to share with Diane her story of struggle. Rev. Diane is a huge force for change inthe wake of Leona's brave confession, it could have backfired on her and the community would have turned on her.

I have a less serious joke for you about St/ Peter's Gate. Three nuns in a car died in a terrible auto wreck and wound up at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter said that everyone had to answer a simple question to get in to Heaven. Of the novice he asked, Who are the Trinity? The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost, she answered and he said enter heaven child. Of the nun he asked what the stations of the cross represented and she answered correctly and he laughed jovially, your in, enter. He looked at the Mother superior and he said, your question must be difficult to test your knowledge and faith. Yes, St. Peter, I understand, I know my religion well. Good, he said, then what was the First thing that Eve said to Adam? The Mother Superior looked perplexed, the church did not teach this, "Gee, that's a hard one." That's right, Enter.


That's exactly why men must be men !!

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