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In life, we lost we gain, we get hurt then pain, we hear lies or even being cheated on, we always don't have the things that we actually expect n then things don't turn out the way we want It to be. Contrary, life sucks (lol) for most of us. Do you admire gamblers? lol - They make bets sometimes bets that could make them lose everything. The stocks they bet, make them fall, some even went crazy. We all spent so much time dwelling into things that wasted half of your life. Why?

Break ups, I know most hurt. But have you thought about this? I mean you start asking yourself "What have I done to deserve all these?" Then some started to hate their ex(es), for causing the break ups so painful. I will tell you what's painful. Having yourself brooding over people that ain't worth, letting your friends down, that is even painful than you ever knew. Why? Look around you, you're not alone. People still hurt (others), they get hurt too. People get mad, say stuffs that hurt your self esteem. Sometimes they don't mean It, some don't even remember what they might say (to you).

Have this ever occured to you? Have you ever just take a seat, close your eyes n think.. Part of your life, what have you done for yourself? What have you contribute to your own life? Is anything or anyone worth in your life that you should feel different?

If you break up is caused most by lies.. I can tell you once you keep a clear mind, (really clear mind), It wasn't the break up (s) that leave n impact, It was those lies n the broken trust.

Divide them into parts. What do you do to those trash for instant? What?? (lol) You gotta be kidding me .. You kept trash? Really? I need an air-refreshner If I visit your place .. Actually I m just kidding (lol) I meant to say, you don't collect trash darls. You throw them away.

After awhile.. when you someday, recall those bad memories, you will realize big part of It, are good ones b/c you already moved on (happily or bravely) .. Well celebrate, open a champagne .. (haha) When things happen, try to tell yourself this " It's her loss anyway, thanks Goddess that such thing happen n I can learn from there " Have you ever try to think this way?

"Oh ... It happens .. okay fine ....I guess I will have to go away for some time. To clear my head" .. Then you start to leave all your friends n being alone. How positive can you be? If you decided to do that, please .. at least stay in touch w those who really really care for you n who wanted much to reach out to you. Even If you stop believing, you don't trust anymore, you can still be a listener. Don't dwell. If you wanna keep those memories.. How about cherishing the moments that was once shared? Will that gonna make you feel better? Does that help? You think It doesn't?

But have you tried before you condemn whether what you read seems convincing?

It is a NEW you If you decide to make changes in your own life. Not from bad to worse but from worse to better. Life is so much full of mystery for you to explore n only you, yourself can know what's going on b/c It is your own life. No one should tell you "Hey, June.. I think you should just move on. Break up w her get someone new" How many times have we heard such ....... saying when someone is so heartbroken n all she needed is to let It all out? You know who you are (lol) I m just saying some facts. B/c I heard that kind of saying a few times myself. Actually the person who is so heartbroken is not ready to get advice from anyone. All they need is a listener. Sometimes you don't have to say, just listen n then let her know, she is not alone. That is all she needed. Unless she did ask (you) for advice, but still not just telling the person to move on b/c It is so hard to move on .. If you wanna say that 2 words, how about saying in another way. Tell her " I will always be here whenever you need someone to talk to. Let It all out. Even If you need to cry, let It out! Just so you know, you are never alone" So which saying do you feel It's better?

Just when you 're reading this, I been there. Hurt, lies, cheated on, no daddy, friends / family member passed away, all the stages of fear, pain n hurt, I been there. Seen many hear many n now I m really grateful w things that actually happen. First, I couldn't take It too. But somehow It never occured to me that I have to hate anyone in my life for causing me those hurt n pain. We are all trying to figure out things that happen in our lives, we wanna know what we want n what we fight for..... Right? You barely have time to sit down n think w a clear head, so why waste your time to hate or bear grudges. Don't you wanna make good use of that precious time in doing something different or fight for achievements?

OMG!!! Time is so precious. We needed the time to spent w our loved ones, our family n friends. We needed time to eat, sleep n rest. We also need time to court for something Something , you know that something (lol) It is up to you to think of what is the something missing in your life(lol).. We needed time to think about what to buy for our family n friends on special occasions. Time is what we all need to do anything or something. Do you agree? Thank you I see hands up.. There you go, one more hands up (lol) okay I m just kidding. Oh I think I hear applause..... Lol .. I m joking again .. (hahaha)

I will tell you this darls, hurts make you grow up n the pain(s) actually make you learn. If you keep your eyes open, have a big big heart, also stay positive, in few days time you will so be sharing w us your new love story The world you're living in is a big world, It is natural, the skies are blue, after the rain you can see rainbows n when the sun shines you hear the leaves whispering n you hear the birds singing. Darls, don't miss out any of these in your life. It is too beautiful for you not to even look at It. You can even touch It If you want.

From : Ella x^_____________________^x



You just read my mind out loud and clear. Thank you, Ella. Thank you for sharing wonderful words of inspiration, courage, and determination. I think this is what I needed the last few days I was sobering things over myself. Now, I realized how short time is, to go back and re-live things that don't concern us anymore. After all, we make who we are now; but we become who we learnt to be.

-Indie -


@ella: I have read most all of your writings and am sorry I haven't responded sooner. You write with such a deep passion regardless of you topics. The things you have shared, I believe can only come from a heart that has been broken, hurt, starved and maybe forgotten. You have such an understanding about life, that so many will never see or appreciate. It is true what you say, time is precious, why waste it on the debris or the leftovers. Feel the grief, cry for the loss, recover from the shattered trust. And move forward, one step at a time. If you can not walk, then crawl, if you cannot crawl, then reach but never stop moving forward.

It is easy to hide when the when the pain of despair takes hold. But do not linger alone in that darkness. It is there that the seeds of rage, vengance and bitterness grow. When they take hold the blackness seeps in and rots and decays that which was once beautiful. It spreads faster then a wild fire and destorys everything in it's path, allowing only sewage for thoughts. If you dwell to long that kind of black will harden the heart and soul and then leaks to those who would offer real love and support.

Look at the birds and remember the light! There is an amazing life on the other side. Pull yourself thru, and tear off the shroud that wants to bury you. Reach toward the air, breathing in deep, feel that freedom, grab hold and never let go. As that dark mire falls away, do not look back or desire what was. It is over, it is now time to live. Eat well, rest often, soothe your body and stretch to the fullness of who you are now. A bit wiser, much stronger and the shadows in the mind disperse. You will realise much more about you then ever before. Now walk forward and be who you were meant to be. And remember, there are many here who have been in that dark place. But we are more then survivors so reach out.


Thank You Dolly n Debbie. It was a pretty long article that I post. Thanks for taking the time n I truly appreciate. There are many things in life for us to see... All I ever wish is If people can see It not just w their eyes but I also hope they see It within the heart.

Dolly, I hope you have a better 2013 ^__________^ .. 2012 is behind us now.

Debbie, I was kinda wondering where you've been though. I hope everything is doing well at your side. The coffee club is opening for your reading :P lol .. (just jo_oking)

I could have been hurt, been played, been verbally insulted, I could have been heartbroken, the thing that matter is how do we overcome them? Moving forward seems to be hard (for others), b/c when a person lost trust, lost faith, It is pretty hard for her to start all over again.

Life is just so ...... many many more things for every each of us to "see" to learn. Life shows us how to not take things for granted n ... love conquers all.

Thank You,
Happiest 2013 to everyone xx

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