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Blessings - Your WRITES

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The clock's time has changed
I heard from a friend It does
If I have a picture frame
The only image is 2 of us

Christmas is almost over
In here, there won't be snow
Yet, you are still the only girl
That can carry away my soul

When the new season is approaching
People would say "Nothing Lasts Forever"
But... I prefer to write down all my blessings
So that time will take me back to April

Are you having the Merriest Christmas?
Did everyone turns up w their presents?
Has anyone show you the love you wanted?
Or somehow, you will miss someone special?

Mine wasn't quite a celebration
But I do receive some cards n letters
You're the only love I could ever wish for
If I have you, there's nothing I could ask more

So many sang the song
"All I Want For Christmas Is You"
It's not a song I can sing along
Because the wish didn't come true

So I start to write all about you
That is the only thing I can do
This is also the way I love you
And I know you feel me too

But I m trying to be more practical
So all my feelings are all hidden
I stop myself from talking to you
But everyday, I really do miss you

The way you make me happy
The words you ever say to me
The love we know not meant to be
But you fill my world w all the bliss
I like your long silky hair that shines
I like your greenish yellow eyes
I like the way you make things right

You might not have any idea
And you thought I moved on or hate you
But I m always here
For you, that's the only thing I can do
You paint my sky in blue
With you, the world is just beautiful
The flowers never once wither
I can hear all the trees whisper

And you're my only blessings
Because girl, you're amazing

Ella C.S


What a beautiful poem for Christmas love.

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