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the buzzer rang like always. i wanted to say good bye but there were too many people in the room i i left.i looked over all the paperwork again, then it hit me,"two weeks i told myself, two weeks i don't have to be in these god forsaken zoo!" the joy was nice but short lived for my migraines were acting up as they do. i couldn't tell them to be quiet so i suffered trying to listen to the news over the uproar of the "Animals" but failed to get a signal. shocker.

the drive home was nothing special people who don't know where they are going nor how to get there clogged 696. my migraines only got worse.

eventually i got home and at first i was overjoyed, home at last two weeks! i wanted to celebrate and i did the only way i know how. sleep the only love that would never leave me, least that's what i thought.

im two days into shutdown as i write this and my life has no purposes. i have no reason to wake up or go to sleep. i just floating in an endless void of sin and nothingness. nothing is appealing anymore. not food, not fun, not sleep. . . . . sleep. it taunts me. keeping me at a distance not allowing my to drown my sorrow and woe in it. i exist to serve but with no one to pull my strings i am just useless husk floating in the endless void.

two weeks. . . .


Very interesting.

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