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Escape - Your WRITES

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She escapes reality riding upon bright moonbeams
As usual she is lost in the midst of her dreams
Her orange eyes with specks of gold
Will burn a hole through the haters’ skulls
These flames that she causes spread faster than wildfire
They consume her heart like some hungry wolves
Sunlight interrupts the cold, safe night
She awakens with fear, thinking there won’t be light
Filled with pain, filled with rage, filled with disdain
She wishes she could fly
Somewhere far away from this place


"Will burn a hole through the haters' skulls"

I like this poem especially this line.

Ella x^____________^x


Thank you


I feel 'er some days I wish I could just sprout wings and fly away leaving the sons of bitches is the sunset


I felt that a lot in high school. Thankfully I'm in college now and the people at my college are very mature and open-minded.


Vary, good ..........

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