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Reading - Gay Guys! <3

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Hey sexy bitches!
Now this is going to be probably seen as a boring discussion by some however, I'm just interested in what stories do you guys like the most.
As you guys know I'm a writer of sorts, I write books in my spare time but lately I've revisited a book that I absolutely love it was the first ever book to keep my gripped from start to finish, it was the first ever book that I can truly say I did not want to put down - it is the first book that got me depressed with the ending, it has a truly emotional ending and very powerful - the book is called, The Knife that Killed me - it's truly amazing, it's like a teen book, really good.
My favourite genre is horror.
So guys, what's your favourite book and genre?


My favorite book is "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison. My favorite genre is a good, old fashioned murder mystery, love Agatha Christie, in school I did all my book reports on Agatha Christie murder mysteries and the teachers said I was creepy.


Dandelion Wine Ray Bradbury. Not really SiFi but almost.

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