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As a Woman I Speak
By Renee’

Fair as the moon
With a slight touch of sunlight
My magic is unwritten
My caring is unsayable
My loving is forever
For I am woman

I seek no favor
Want no blood
Unrelenting is my course of love
I have my errors
Oh, I have my pride
I do not mix love with pity
Nor hate with scorn
And if you would know me
You will see the woman in me

I speak as a woman
Whose restless heart pounds like endless oceans
I do not dwell within my pity
Nor the pains life brings upon me
I am she
Who is ageless and forever
And ever seeking
Offering my hand to my sisters
As our Mother The Goddess did

I have been woman
For a long time
Sharing with you my smile
And the old magic that a woman’s love can bring
A promise of my heart
For you
For I am woman

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