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I never really find the right words to say,
Because every day you seem to blow me away,
You are so caring and so kind,
You simply take over my mind.

Every girl dreams of a perfect love,
Well I've found mine,
And you are such a delight.

You came along one day out of the blue,
And swept me clean off my feet,
I wasn't expecting what was about to come,
I never knew you would be the one.

And since that day that you left me breathless,
Over the months,
You still know how to make me go weak,
You know how to make me not be able to speak.

I never get bored of you,
Or fed up,
When I look into your eyes,
I'm still mesmerized.

Your beautiful face still makes me blush,
Your lips are just as tasty,
Your smile still makes my heart melt,
Your touch is the best I've ever felt.

Every day my love for you feels fresh,
I want to grow old with you,
And I wrote you this poem,
So you know I will never stop loving you.

my love,my life,my Amy.


Beautiful !

Who would not love to receive such a lovely and loving bouquet of thoughts like flowers: flowers beyond the power of time to take away?


Sweet, tender, loving and beautifully worded.


Sooooo beautiful


Yep, absloutley Fantastic.

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