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She grabs the sword
And I throw my shield
Down to ground
Clothes torn apart, without my crown
Body bare in front of her I stand

Head bows
Not to submission
But to acceptance
Faithfully I keep my vows
I offer myself without whys
A sacred mission, a holy sacrifice

She raises her hand
The sword strikes ruthlessly
To each strike I return a smile
The pain I accept with no fears
For in my vows I had promised no tears
I take no breath
I let no sound
I feel my blood leaking so warm down to the ground
No regrets, no cowardice
To see her smiling is all I wish.

No hero’s swank
No savior’s claim
My thoughts are pure, plain is my aim
I have no words, everything has been spoken
Whole was the heart I offered; what if I get it broken??

Yet here I stay
Here I stand
I don’t back off, lovingly I hold her hand
Patently I wait for what’s to be
Me the softie,,, the softie Me.
I will walk all the lands
Trying to find the highest mountain
And I will climb on it
I will swim all the seas
Trying to find the deepest depth
And I will dive in it

I will fly up on the sky
Trying to find the foxiest hawk
And of her wings I’ll make a shield
I will cross the hostile space
Trying to find the most uncongenial star
I’ll turn it to a blooming field

I will listen to all tales
Trying to find the most wicked witch
And I will break Her spell
I will sink into a sea of sins
Trying to find the most horrid Beast
And I will send Him back to Hell
I will deal with all the strangers
Trying to figure who I am supposed to be
The verdict I will provoke
I will not seek laudation
No leadership I will pursue
I will deny the vogue

My soul like a firefly
Will always follow your steps
To air, land and sea
I will rise off this doomed body
And I will let my beauty shine
For everyone to see

But any time you need me
I will be by your side
Where I belong and will always be
Me the softie,,, the softie Me.

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