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The Connecticut Shootings. - Your WRITES

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Beyond belief
A sleepy town
A young man
Kills his mother
shots the children down

Why why why
We all are numb

When we are born
We are old enough to die
Where is the truth
It's all turned to lies

Confusion in the air
Who to blame
Empty hearts
Where is the love
Mindless we just stare

Can I ask why
Why do you need to own a gun
Yes you say it's your rights
But why do you need that right

When the truth comes out
And you know it will
They'll say there was something wrong
With that young man
He needed help
That just wasn't there

So he toke that gun
And waved it in the air
He shot his mother
And many more
Helpless children
He didn't seem to care

On that fateful day
Families gave their children away
Left them in the care of others
Shots rang out
Screams and shouts
Bullets flew through the air
He shot so many
He didn't care

I got the message today
I watched the news
I wondered why
I felt sick to my stomach
And I thanked god I wasn't there

So please take a moment
To tell those you love
How much you care
A simple kiss on the cheek
A few more minutes
To listen and speak

Now so many lonely night
Tears of mothers
So many lives changed forever
Please take the guns away
Give us peace on earth
This I will always pray

To the families and friends
Of all the were affected
My thought and prayers
Are with you
I know it makes no sense at all


I don't understand too


thanks carol i think you managed to put into words some of our thoughts on this tragedy


Thank you for a lovely tribute to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary.


I cry because I'm a mother
This shooting upsets me so much
I cry for the victims all of them
Not just the helpless that lost their lives
But all the families and friends
I cry too for the killer and his family

Why you ask?

Too many times
I hear the perpetrator was known to police
Too many times
I hear the killers family asked for help from the system
Too times the family was told your son needs help
But no sorry it costs money or there is no help available at this time

Did anyone listen ?
When the killers mother cried we need help?
Did they hear her say if we don't get help you'll read about it in the papers one day.

As a mother I had to put my faith in others
Send my children out into the world
Off you go to people who will teach you
Off you go to learn about the world
Off you go to be bullied at school

This world can be a harsh place
When the so called carers don't seem to care anymore
Our children are so fragile
So precious

What is the world teaching our children now?
When they go to parties they drink to excess
What do they need to forget
Why do they need to be made numb?
They make themselves sick
And then they do it all over again

Sit in a car you can drive so fast
You can lose control
Kill yourself and others
Take drugs and drink and drive
So many ways you don't need to stay alive

Why why why
When I know in my heart
They need to be loved
Our children
Yours and mine

Please listen
When you hear someone say
I need help
I feel pain please take it away

Too many tears
Can't wash the pain away
Too many live in fear
I bet you take the guns away


I have been hurting so badly for the loss of those innocent children who lost their lives, so unnecessary and so senseless, it has taken me a few days to write something down as the shock and horror of what happen, left me sad and numb.
Yet mists all the senseless killings there were so many stories of bravery and people gave up their lives so that so many were saved.
I pray that this senseless murder never happens again.

Rest in Peace
God has so many new angels in heaven…..


I was driving my lorry when the story broke here in England I had to pull in to a truckstop as I couldnt see where I was going thro the tears in my eyes. God bless those children and my heart goes out to the friends and parents of all who suffered So many innocent lives taken prematurely and needlessly I ask myself whats the world coming to. There were so many brave children I heard of one little boy who said " Dont worry we will be safe I do Karate " bless him
My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has suffered from this tradegy and please God it will not happen again


Why so much trouble in the world?
Why all the fighting and shootings?
I know so many of us are asking why this happened.
We can't understand it these people with so much to offer the world full of so much potential.
When we are born we are already old enough to die.
I truly believe these children have changed us all, for their families that loved them they will never forget them. Their innocent only high lights the evil which they faced.
I hope that America brings in new gun control laws but I know that will take time and the people there believe its their right to own a gun. But do they need them and do they know how to use them.
For me as a mother I know I worried for my kids when I sent them out into the world.
OK yes I am very protective of my kids my son with autism made me even more so.
My daughter being bullied at school made me so angry teachers did little to stop it.
I know we can't wrap our children in cotton wool but we want them to be safe.
I believe this world is changing all the time a new awaking is happening people are excepting others for who they are and not what they are.
This world is expanding with contrast so many differences and we need to just love one other and stop fighting.
I was reminded the other day of when I was young, my older brother had a gun and I was shot behind my right ear on my neck it just grazed me I think and felt like a bee sting and hurt for a long time. It scared the hell out of me guns are not toys.
We all know things can happen so fast if you take your eyes off the road for a second a child can run out in front of your car. Changing your life forever and ending someone else's.
This world seems to be going faster and faster quick I need a hamburger no time to cook it, drive through no time to stop the car and go into the store.
The Internet lets us send messages to the other side of the world in seconds no need to post a letter takes takes time.
With all this happening around us we need to slow ourselves down to get some peace.
So I'm asking take just a few minutes find a quiet place, sit, close your eyes and just be.
You'll find thoughts come racing through your mind if all the things you need to be doing but don't give up. Take some "me" time in your day you will find you will start to get answers to questions that have been bugging you for so long. You will start to see things clearer just by stopping for a few minutes.
Yes there are things we can change in the world but we can make many small changes.
Take time to call your mother tell her you love her.
Help a friend and smile at a stranger.
Let's start a brave new world today.


well some of you know i am involved with another group on facebook, and was initally moved by carol's words, infact all the comments have been nice, this tradegy was felt by many w/wide, even in the other group, was going to post carols words she shared on here, but never got the time, as it differcult on a phone posting and sharing.
Over here last week there was a raid in scotland by police, in the house the owner had 3 AK-47 assualt rifles, full automatics, a handgun, webley pistol, and about 10,000 rounds of ammo for the ak-47's, so even over here, where the gun controls are stricter, there are crazy people with weapons, not just in the USA, and i am sure in Australia there are gun collectors.
These atrocities will happen , its just the fact that its spotted a lot more due to news and internet, but children, thats terrible, no matter ones outlook in life, today there was a service and a minutes silence, as a mark of respect, a nice thing to do.
This group in the USA, westbro church, hope they stayed away from newtown, dont think LGBT community liked there comments that the kids were to blame for same-sex marriage being passed in there state, this tradegy will be with the parents and survivors for ever, time will help heal some, but when a parent loses a child, its not easy to move on, and that community will feel it every christmas for a long time to come.
Me personally have survived many of the usual death problems in life as i am sure many on here have, its not the same, as what happened there, but we see ourselves as survivors even on here, should have died many times, always survived though, fated that way, gods punishment for me.
As for a brave new world, lets all have a compassionate one, a world where there is equal rights for all, and end to wars and tags that separate humanity into different groups or cages, and live & let Live.
A friend of mine asked the other night where was her pizza from pizza express, was told driver could not deliver, so i posted comment on day of end of the world, driver had day off, even though some call him god, he is now changed his status to trans, and she is going to the beach and have some fun, and leave all the rest to get on with life.
thats whats important, you only get 1 life, so enjoy it best you can, because tomorrow it will be gone, that special moment or time will be a memory in the past, so savior it and move on.
All have a merry christmas and a good New Year, and remember you have survived armageddon today oncemore.

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