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I say i love you
I mean it, but then i dont
im hiding behind these words
to keep you safe
from a reality thats
just too cruel to bare.

Wondering what to do
while i lay awake
at night thinking of
what ifs and buts.

Im sorry i cant say what needs to be said,
but im not sure if
it will hurt more than if
i did whats against
my better judgement
to save you.

Really hate I just cant say it.
So I'm so sorry
for whats to come.


Very powerful poem, touches the reader emotionally.


You feelings are quite clear to the reader. It hit a part of me when I have felt the same things.


I realize that a majority of people have felt it, a sadness of not being able to say what they wish and whats on the tip of their tongue but are unable due to fear or a number of things.

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