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Sungmanitu tanka (the wolf) my guide

The Grey wolf (Sungmanitu tanka)
In honor of the best friend and brother in the world
By Renee’

A creature of such strength
Who is often misunderstood
One who stands so serene
A sentinel to his majestic being
The last of a dying breed

When the darkness breaks
And the moon awakes
And we become afraid
You bring out the stars
And shine so bright

A grayish blur
With shaggy fur
With Eyes so deep
My heart you will always keep
A friend so true
I a liken you to the wolf yes I do

So I call you Sungmanitu tanka (the wolf)
The wolf of power
Yet with a heart so gentle
You care for your cubs
With unbridled passion
Always giving of yourself
Asking nothing in return

Sungmanitu tanka my brother
You care like no other
I offer you my heart and my hand
For next to you I would proudly stand
Oh yes Sungmanitu tanka
I am honored to be your sister
So mighty Sungmanitu tanka
Look after your sisters
We love you o’ great one.

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