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Oh how Renee' had a way with words......

On the corner of…
By Renee

You found me on the corner of Lost and insecure
I was in a dark place and full of fear
Alone and heart broken
Just had my last sip of Jack
In darkness with no way back
My life was falling apart
Wondering if this bottle of pills
This despair would depart

You found me on the corner of Drunk and Overdose
Through these blurred eyes
I saw a gentle hand
Pulling me up from the sand
Dirty, drunk and high
You held me tight, as I let out a loud cry
I dropped the pills to the floor
You held me and took away my sore

Now I am on the corner of Love and Hope
Your love and gentle touch
Makes me want to cope
Surrounding me with joy
You make me feel like a brand new toy
I now see the way
And my debts I did pay
I can live for more than today

I am heading for the corner of love and marriage
We’ll travel in loves carriage
Gone is the heart ache and sadness
My life is full of love and happiness
You found me
And you have set me free
I love thee my angel

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