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My white dress - Your WRITES

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My white dress
By Renee’

Dark are the wings of nite
Shadows lurking to fright
My life is about to unfold
In a white garment for all to behold
My soul never to be sold
Death lurks in this dark recess
Smiling at my silk dress
Death said, “are you waiting for me, I guess?”
Not today
I did say
I wear this white dress
Not for you to impress
With this veil of black
I want my life back
With this collar made from pearl
It’s for my love over there
Now all you can do is stare

Poison running in my veins
My soul it does drain
I’ve seen your darkness
So death it is not for you I dress
It is for a silk skinned beauty
With a heart red like a ruby
Our hands are gently entwined
For from her body I have dined
Supped on her sweet nectar
And drank from her breasts of life
She carries away my troubles and strife
So darkness although your nite is strong
It is in her lite I belong

I offer myself to her
For as a captive in her heart
I was hers from the very start
For her bright light shines through your clouds so dark
I belong to her
She owns my every breath
And only she can give me up
So with this offering of love
I am her lil dove.
Now go away death
For you are not wanted here
I am in love with my dear
And it is with her I’ll stay
For longer than just today


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