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once upon a time - by me - Your WRITES

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Once upon a time, there was a Princess, in a tower. She is very important, yet does not appear to be. She is not the most beautiful, she has a clean skin, and has a beauty that does not blend in but does not stand out. She does not have the best of the best of things. She does not have the full silk dress of the forest kingdom, nor does she have the top quality wool coats like the girls from the Snowland. She has colorful and durable cloths; they pass the test of time, with an 80%.
She is not locked in the tower, yet she does not leave. Her family has long been dead, so has her friends. But she has new friends. She has missed the weddings and funerals, she has missed the festivals, and the journeys.
She cries, but not for the loss of family, or the missed events. She cries for the lack of evil in the world, at this time an evil load(the worst anyone has seen in a long time) and all of his minions we slaughtered by knights, farmers and others. She weeps in her tower, with tear falling to the floor. The sound that comes from her throat does not arouse sympathy, the sound chills the bones of all but the most twisted of souls. The sound is of the dead, the sadness of all the soul that have gone infused into one sound. The cry makes the plants wither, the tree sleep, the animals turn deadly.
She wales, screams and cries, the sound make the powers of death and evil dance with joy for they get to play.
Her crying stop, for some one of neutral soul stepped into the clearing around the tower. She gets up in she light blue dress that flowed to the ground like calm water. Her face stained with tears, and her hair messed up, she went to greet her guess with the same neutral-ness as she senses in his soul.
The man at the door was about 15, not uncommon.
“May I have some tea”?
“Dry or wet?”
“Warm or cold”?
“Here or to go”?
“Here, if you would be so kind”.


Is she an illegal immigrant coffeeshop waitress trapped by the poverty and desperateness of her situation? Or am I just to old to get where you're comin' from?


no, no where even close, such bad accuracy could make you fly... it has to do with magic, lots of lots of magic

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