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Introduction - Your WRITES

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Hello, my name is Koryn. I'm in a Rhetoric class, so I write more in journalistic formats. I'm dubious about posting work...but I'll post excerpts.
Last week, I began reading the Crucible. It's a marvelous book, and any writer would at least respect what Miller does with his words.
The title itself is the story.
Oh you remember that science class? The class where you'd place some form of chemical in a crucible over a flame. Suddenly, it'd morph. Properties that weren't visible to our eyes before became clear. Just by adding a little heat, we change a substance completely.
The Crucible was a response to the Communist movement in the 50's. It was a reflection of society in the 1950s as it was a reflection of society in the 1810s, as it is still a reflection of society in the 2012.
Today, we have the media instead of witch hunts. We have disfranchisement and usurpation instead of burning or imprisonment.
We still have victims whom's wells are poisoned long before the trial.
Without further ado, has society really and truly evolved? Our have we just fooled ourselves with technological advances?

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