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How I Feel - Your WRITES

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I am an old junkyard dog
that life has kicked one time too many.
Tears come to my eyes as I sit stoic;
riding the bus, sitting at work, numb.
I cry uncontrollably when I try to
talk about how hurt I feel inside
depression rips through my injured soul
like a chainsaw rips cords of firewood.

They threaten me with lock down,
psych wards to cure my pain,
drugs galore to bandage my psyche
as it crumbles under the weight of sadness.
Family, friends, acquaintances shudder
at the horror of my intense failure.
Once a rock of indestructible fortitude,
I crumble like a tectonic plate
as it is slammed by pressure
into a devastating earthquake.

I have always taken the blows of life
with an iron jaw that wouldn't budge
but now, at this pitiful place in my life,
I fall apart, to pieces of brittle agony
for I am an old junk yard dog
that life has kicked one time too many.


wow this is a very powerful poem well done hope to see more from you


Tristram, I miss your writings .. Finally I get to sit here n read (lol)

As good as usual, Tristram xx

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