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Professor Stanley Defends His Sexuality While Fighting for God's Word - The Gay Christian Network

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Initially when you look at this book cover, you immediately think the page content contains data about religion. No particular religion in general; after all, the title includes Word of GOD. But this title delivers a mixed message, because within the pages of this dynamic novel, is a gripping tale about a college professor, who is openly gay, but dying to remain closeted around his students.

Yet when Professor Stanley comes face to face with the golden opportunity to prove to his friend, Wendy, that being gay is acceptable to God, he sets out on a quest to compile enough evidence that roots the trials of the century. In fact, Professor Stanley confronts the Bible Committee for revising the King James Bible to convey a message to the world that homosexuals wouldn't inherit the kingdom of God. But what he learns from the Director of this committee is that the Bible is public domain; and therefore, requires no permission to change its page content.

Shocked by this, Professor Stanley, begins an investigation; one that erupts in his face. After all, his mother and he are forced in federal custody for their own protection, while he fights against one of the leading Bible publishing corporations in the world. While doing so, not only does he learn who actually supports his tenacious beliefs, but who is ultimately against him.
However, the surprising details poured unto the pages of this novel, actually derive from a true story; one that remains baffling. After all, Americans still struggle to understand same sex love. Even worse, some Americans are at odds against one another concerning citizen equality rights which the U.S. Constitution implores us all. And now that Obama has been granted an additional four years, will this administration be the jewel to spearhead this great country towards a pinnacle of national tolerance for all? Or will this administration be the breaking point that brings this country to its knees? After all, while 50% of Americans still trust in the tradition of marriage, because their religious teaching is woven into the fabric of their lives; the other 50% have become educated, gained independence and really careless about anyone else’s business other than their own.
So where do you stand? Moreover, can I depend on your support in making this novel a national treasure? If so, please order a copy today. http://www.amazon.com/Professor-Stanley-Defends-Word-God/dp/1468058401/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1354782741&sr=1-1&keywords=Professor+Stanley+Defends+The+Word+of+God

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