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a new poem - Your WRITES

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As the holidays approach, for me
it is a time to remember the loved
ones that are no longer with me.
I don’t wish to be in a state of
sadness by their loss but to rejoice
in the happy times we made together
in holidays past. Besides in my heart
I know that they are all here with me in
spirit to celebrate this time of year. So
if you have lost someone who is dear
I know it’s hard but remember the good
times you shared, and always know that
their love is always with you. I hope this
poem helps those who are grieving to let
go of their sadness because our loved ones
that have passed would want us to be happy
especially this time of year. to all I say Merry
Christmas and a joyous new year...


Very nice work Paul.


ty tristram I love to write about the holidays

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