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My Jillian - Your WRITES

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My Jillian
I want to tell you how much I love you
Hold out your hands and I'll fill them with sand.
Did you know there are more stars in the universe then all the grains of sand on earth?
I thought it was going to be so easy to count the things I want to do to make you happy.
But the list is endless.
If I could count the stars Jillian
That's how much I love you times a million

When you wake up I'll be next to you
Watching you open your eyes with a smile on my face
I'll touch your soft skin with my fingertips
Up and down your body my hands will wonder
You'll smack my hand and say stop it and behave
I'll look deep into your eyes
And get lost forever
I'll kiss your lips and our tongues will touch
Soft warm wet kisses
Oh darling I love you so much

I'll get your coffee
And I'll make it sweet
Two sugars
And I'll rub your feet
You can lay your head on my lap
And I'll play with your hair
I'll do anything you wish
Because I really do care

We will sit in the sunshine
You'll read a book
While I snuggle into you
You'll know where I am
You don't have to look

You'll want to cuddle
And I'll tickle you
Because I love your giggle Jilly
You'll smack me and say
Don't be silly

For all those tears you have cried before
I'll kiss them away
I'll make love to you
Until your body tingles
Then I'll love you some more

When I close my eyes at night
It's you that I dream of
Dreams of passion
Hot and sexy
You scratch and bite
As I make you scream with delight

Never have I known such
Pleasure and pain
But when I wake up
And you're gone again
If I can only dream of you
Then I want sleep
Crawl under my covers
And hide away
Until you are here with me
I live for that day

Oh Jill
Do you feel it too?
The love between me and you
You are so warm and caring
So beautiful too
I find I can't help staring at you
You know just how to make me smile
Our love grows everyday
Jillian can you tell
I'm so in love with you.


Vary,vary,Nice,Carol .
All your word`s also describe the way
My Tony and i Feel too ......

A vary nice Feeling it is too ...........


hi Carol your poem has touched me if reminds my how much I loved the man i was with it brought tears to my eyes... ty for witting this lovely piece 8-)


Lucky Jilly n Carolly


She tells me she's no angel
But she saved my life
So how do I tell her I love her
More and more everyday
And one day she will be my wife

When I found her
She was hiding away
In shadows
I bring her into the sunlight
But she shines brighter everyday
She knows how to make me happy
In so many ways

I cry when I think of her in pain
I need her to feel my love
I know one day the fear will wash away
And she'll see the angel high above
Wings wrap around her
Holding her tight
Like my arms each and every night

Darling you truly are in my heart
And on my mind all the time
Believe it or not
I've loved you from the start
I just couldn't say it
And now I can't stop
Saying I love you
Now and forever
Forever and ever
More each day

You have a heart of gold
To be loved by you is like
Holding a burning star in my hand
It shines so so bright
Warms my heart
Feels me with so many emotions
I smile and I cry
I love more deeply
Words will never be enough
To say how you make me feel

So I just say
I love love love you



Love comes through the eyes
That help me see this wonderful surprise
I see this wonderful woman
Whom of which I can always stand

Love comes through the ears
That never hears fears
They help me hear the words from you
And help me pull through

Love comes through the hands
That makes you my woman
Your touch creates chills
Which make me go through many thrills

Love comes through the mouth
That will one day make you my wife
You say the right things at the right time
Which help me keep my state of mind

Love comes through dreams
That makes us gleam
I dream about life with you in it
And everything seems lit

Love comes through smiles
That extends for miles
You can see all the joy
That comes from my little toy

Love comes through affection
That makes me feel your protection
I feel safe and secure
And always come back for more

Love comes through the seasons
That gives me plenty of reasons
Reasons that I Love You
And make us true

Love comes through the heart
That makes me want to never part
Your heart is all I need to get by
Without making me cry

Love comes through me
Which will set you free
I will give you all my love
That was sent as a gift from above

Love comes through you
That is always new
You come up with the sweetest things
And I know we can handle whatever love brings

Love comes through each one of us
That makes us a must
I don't think I'd make it without you
And your love so very true
I love you Carol

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