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The Art of Writing Quotes - Your WRITES

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"Memories are like fish - you keep the ones you want and toss back the ones you don't"
"Life is a route of opportunities"
"Too much love can never exist, for love should never end and if it does, it was never love"
"One day you'll wake up and remember tomorrow"
"You can't be held responsible for the actions of others, but you can be arrested as an accomplice"
"Tomorrow is just another day, just like yesterday was, and the day before"
"You may have been put in the wrong body; atleast you know who you are"
"I was walking home from school today and realized I hadn't stopped to smell the roses; in a last ditch effort, I sprayed perfume."
"It is not the scent the woman wears, but the way her smell mixes in to create pure beauty"
"What if the dish washer stole plates like the dryer stole socks?"
"My love for you has grown, like fine cheese; only getting better with age"
"To label something is to identify it soley on it's label; to label a person is to know nothing of that person"
"To write a quote, is to let your soul explain itself in one sentence; never saying something you don't believe, but not always knowing the words in which to use."

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