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I like the post that Amy Madigane wrote - Your WRITES

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Hopefully I didn't get the name(s) wrong. I was about to go to bed but I so wanted to keep up w all the amazing posts most of them had here. One is Carol Wheeler, then Jillian Anka, Aubrie, Tristram Goncalves, n also many more lol

Her topic on "Dumped", really makes me feel what her gf said is right. I can almost picture her walking up to Amy's ex n said those words. What a brave n courageous thing one could ever do. Hereby I wish them many endless happiness.

I was hurt before too. I was dumped a many times (lol) After reading that, I come to realize lucky thing was we are all here to share what we wanna say. And then, I come to add on to tell you, If you're going through a break up, or you're trying to get over being dumped, don't ruin yourself. Life has so many opportunities for you to look at. Cherish is the key word n you will see, there are still beautiful skies for you to open up your eyes to appreciate.

If you're trying to overcome a certain problem that you think you can't breathe, take it easy, trust me. Read some of the articles here that people make their efforts to type n send in. You not only see how beautiful their relationships are, you will feel a sense of little joy shared by them.

PS: Why would you stop believing? When love is always all around you

Life has so many mysteries for you n I to explore, a journey that we have to move on every now n then. I know, I have been there, the break ups, the hurts n also being dumped is nothing that we cannot cry about, but heyyyy.. It is not end of the world, even so, cherish what you have right now. Worries? let them down, don't hold It n It is not like you can deal w all the problems in one day. When your heart is at ease, you will also have a healthy body system to see how beautiful the world can still be. Beautiful skies n look how freely the birds fly. Ain't that beautiful? All you need to do is --- open your eyes n see, feel from within your --- heart.

Ella x^_____________________^x


awwwwww so glad you liked it,i left it because of how i felt at the time,my world in ruins and certain that i'd be alone for the rest of my life,when i saw her again it brought it all back but this time i was left realising that in the end no matter how battered and bruised your heart gets in the end love does conquer all xxx


Wow I have to say I am loving reading the stories lately and need to send out huge hugs or everyone who is letting us share in their wonderful lives.
It gives me lots of smiles when I read of such love and makes me sad when I read of broken hearts.
Please keep telling these wonderful stories I know they inspire so many.

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