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For Renee’
By Jillian

These sad days that eat away at every breath that I take
Since that night you passed
I've lain alone
In someone else's dream
No more words can be spoken
The wind has blown away
The life from your ashes
It's only me that now remains
Without you

I am coming
Wait for me
I am coming
I will be with you soon
Moving across this earth
And over those dark mountains
Where we will lay down our troubles

I have been that drunk woman
In that downtown bar
Taken life’s beating without making a sound
Through swollen eyes I sway and smile
Nothing could put me down
Inside of me a girl looks up to her father
For a sign
Or an approving eye
Oh, it’s funny how those once so close have now all gone

Take me now
Hold me close
Don’t let me go
I'm coming home
Wait for me
I’ll soon be with you

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