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my mom had mentioned it to my father that standard cars use less gas than automatic cars...i would like to know if this is true or false???...thanks...


With a manual gearbox, you get more control over the revolutions which in turn gives you more control over the fuel consumption. Speed is the primary determinate of fuel efficiency but said control gives you a little more control. Every little helps

(I'm a motorbike rider but an engine is an engine eh)


Oh if you're really going for fuel efficiency, go around with all the windows closed, air con off, no radio and brake/ accelerate as little as possible.


Hi Jony
Yes - your mum is correct on that one!


I believe you will find that if you live/drive in say, Boulder, Colorado, or San Francisco, you will find mileage about same, as when you rev engine to get in gear going up hill and starting out on uphill slopes you waste more, plus in hilly situations people are less inclined to shift to appropriate gear.


All I know is that I have a fully restored manual drive, '82 Toyota Corona wagon and it literally runs on the smell of an oily rag. 4 cylinders, very sporty and somewhat 'slippery'. And the best part, no computer to go wrong! You must drive sensibly though, that will affect fuel consumption. I love my car.


i'm used to driving an automatic...even tho i don't really drive...but i would also like to learn how to drive a standard car...hardly anyone drives standard anymore...so i guess should a standard driver ever need for me to help drive...i'll be able to do so...but thanks for the input guys...^_^


When I was young(er), a lot of folks drove standard shift cars and trucks; the advantage in those days was that we had gasoline in two basic forms: Regular and Unleaded. Regular was for standard shift vehicles; Unleaded was for the automatic vehicles. One of the most vocal arguments at the time against the automatic vehicles was that they could not run on Regular gas. Unleaded was more expensive. The federal government was trying to wean us off Regular gas: you couldn't put Regular gas into an automatic shift vehicle because the gasoline dispenser at the pump would not fit through the fuel filling hole of the automatic shift vehicle. This used to make people really angry at the time, I remember---- lots of Vaseline jokes..........


Jony your mother is correct. Manual or standard is much more fuel efficient cuz you decide what gear the car should be in, whether you need power or not. Automatics shift gears at the worst times. It also saves on brake wear as sometimes you can slow down and brake by downshifting. It also gives better traction in the snow. That is if you can fins the gears and not waste gas grind 'em all a the time. A stabdard transmission is actually easy to learn, once you do you will hate driving an automatic.


Wed., Nov 21st, 12, 19:45 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi Group,
Standard May Save on Gas, but for
the Savings Involved Especially in
Cities Where the Liters/100 Kms
is Different Compared to Open
Highway Driving etc,
I'll Take an Automatic Any Day Even
if Its More Liters/100 Kms.
Never Learned Standard. Automatic
is the Only Way to Go.


Isn't terminolgy interesting. Here you are talking about 'standard' but we have 'manual' over here. We used to have 'standard' petrol but now we have 'unleaded'. And of course, Australian 'petrol' is American 'gas' but we do have a gas tank, Fascinating isn't it. I love my manual gears, I jut zip through the changes, it makes driving an 'art form'.


Indeed it is, John. Where I live one would call a manual gearbox the standard. I've always been under the impression that automatics were for those unable for whatever reason to use a manual. I do hope that we're not slipping out way into automatics being the norm because I know it's not for ease because manually shifting is an unconscious act after a while.

As for petrol I'm too young to remember leaded petrol :/ As for Andrew's point, if a manual saves more fuel than an automatic in one situation, it saves it in all of them, including inner city commuting.


yea i did see manual as another way to say standard...another way to say it is stick shift...so 3 ways to say the same thing...hahaha...

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