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this poem was written by Renee' a few months before she passed away, she was a fighter to the VERY end. i miss you my sweet Renee'

A fucked up view of life
By Renee’

Believing in the simple road
Life is easy we are told
A path many have chose
Life is like a red rose
Beautiful, sweet smelling
Stop I am yelling
This is not so
Life is a dark caldarium of sorrow and pain
We live to fight in vain
From that first bloody slap
We scream and shout
Till the day we check out
Seeking moments of happiness
These moments are short
Little flashes of light
Flickering like a candle, seldom very bright
Sometimes enough to show the road ahead
Before the cold wind snuffs it out
Love is sweet and tender
But carries the dagger of surrender
Then the dagger pierces your heart
The sweetness becomes too much
Then the bitterness and despair grabs you in the crotch
Leaving you broken and alone
Fighting the tears and sadness
We carrying life’s baggage
Like a horse and carriage
Then before we know it
We are dead
Things are being said
Yes our lives meant something
Then tomorrow they forget

As all the memories come flooding back, I see things in a different light, cynical and just a lil fucked up. But just remember at least I am not dead. Instead I lay here in the hospital bed. All stitched up and on machines, but hey I am not dead.


you are very special come to me my love!! love you too Jullian hope you have a great day babe!!!xoxox

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