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Renee' was a sexy woman and she often penned how she was feeling....

i miss you sweet Renee'

Consume me
By Renee’

Consume me; taste the juices of my spirit
Devour my tempest lust, don’t you fear it
Succulent transgression rebirths my sin
Consume me; taste the nectar if you dare
Breathe with me, smell the lifeblood I hide
Sweet crimson tide, boiling...evaporating deep inside
Draw in the subconscious, all knowing that binds
Breathe with me; smell the essence I confide
Take me; little by little, day and night,
Soar beyond earthly prisms, don't take flight
Open your heart, let me in, then close the blinds
Live with me; little by little,
Love me
Feed on my body
Open up my petals
Consume my inner being
For I am waiting
Spread eagled
Take me
Take me in, hold on tight
Don't leave me here tonite


Vary.vary,good ......

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