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Darkest Soul - Gay Guys! <3

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That is the name of the new book I'm working on - yes I'm working on 3 books at one time, I think it's what I need right now, take my mind off things and stop the whole... Problem I'm having...

Anyway Darkest Soul is going to be a very strong book, there's going to be very strong language, horrific violence and it will really show how some teenagers actually suffer in their lives, I'm writing it from my personal experience of my past, there is going to be a gay denial through out it but I need to make sure I don't make it too much like Denial of Desire or Going Straight.
This new book will be some what like Denial of Desire focusing on my past but this book will be more non-fiction than fiction.
Denial of Desire had mild non-fiction, however, it was mostly fiction as it didn't show my past to truth.
So, this is going to be a highly strong book!

"You ever felt so much in pain you feel like giving it all up?" I looked at Andrew as tears grew in my eyes "I've tried to give it all up but every time I do it never fucking works!"
Richard is a troubled teenager - at 12 years of age he starts to feel attraction towards people... Boys.
He feels this is wrong, until he meets a boy, Paul, he quickly falls deeply in love with Paul, however, the relationship doesn't last much longer than 8 months, Paul tragically kills himself, Richard, at 13 years of age losing the only person he's ever loved, the only person he's ever cared for goes off the rails, and as he grows older his life is made even harder and his life is put in even greater danger...


Writing is an excellent way to sort out your complex feelings and emotions. You learn things from your story that are still kickin g around your unconscious.

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