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confessions of a lesbian fag hag... - The Rainbow Lounge

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Hi, I hope my title caused more giggles then hurt feelings, but in truth that's what I am, a lesbian fag hag! I admire and adore gay men especially queens! I'm wondering if any other lesbians love having queer male friends? At the moment, I don't have any close male gay friends so where is the gayboy to gaygirl love? What would a lesbian fag hag be called anyways? Anyone with a suggestion or feeling the same way bout our fabulous queer boys please post! Lets get some love up in here!!


Hi Michelle. The title made me think that you are a lesbian in love with a queer . but that's not the case. My wife and I love Queer people. We admire them. I have been following in twitter every Queer that has come to be in Rupaul to try and get new friends that are queer. so don't be ashamed. i too love my queer people


As one of those Queer/Gay People,
Who you are talking about. i would just
like to say that i just do love All Transgender
and Lesbian`s A like .........

I have Lot`s of friend`s who are Lesbian
and Transgender .................
Tommy lol xxx

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