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A poem by Renee' Summer, Renee' loved to wrote and as you can see by her words she writes in PAIN. Cancer took her away so young, i miss you my sweet angel...

A Path to tears
By Renee’

We meet
We love
What have I started?
A Path to tears
Feelings grow
Hearts belong
Then we are just
Just on a path a path to tears

Making love
Cooing like a dove
What are we fucking doing?
Creating a feeling
That will be the end of us
Fucking pain begins
The love STINGS
Well on our way
A path to tears

Trust is thought
But is there actual trust
Words spoken
Believes broken
Heart starts to pain
Making no fucking gain
Here we go again
A path to tears

She leaves
You stand there helpless
Wondering what the fuck just happened?
The pain rips
Soul bursts
Crying leads to begging
Don’t go
Forgive me
Running fast
To a path of tears

My life is over
She is gone
A wrongful deed
Falling down
A path to DEATH
No more tears
Just silence
Quietly on my path to death…

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