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Waking from a dream

I wake in the dark of the night
Feeling to your side of the bed
Where are you my love?
We just made passionate love

I can still smell your sweet scent
The smell of love fills the air
Fumbling, I feel the sheets for your warm body
Oh goodness all I feel is the cold empty bed
Where are you my love?

The wetness between my legs is real
My trembling body still feels your touch
My heart is still pounding away
I call your name
“Carol baby”
But you are not there
Where are you my love?

Suddenly it strikes me like a slap
We made wild passionate love in my dream
I felt your lips against my body
I supped from between your legs
I still taste you
My wetness is my proof
Where are you my love?

I close my eyes
I must fall asleep again
For I need to feel your warm touch
I need your wild love
I must join you in my dream
Come to me my wifey

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