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Good Deed - Gay Guys! <3

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Okay guys, today I done a good deed, for an elderly woman looking for jam, so I walk around with her to look for the jam and we finally find it and she then asks me to open it for her because when she gets home she won't be able to open it, so as she asks I did it - she then went on to talk about when she was in her house the jam she bought fell on the floor and smashed.
Afterwards I couldn't talk to my mother or sister because all I could think about was my nan as the elderly woman reminded me of my nan a lot - my nan passed away on March 8th 2011 - my nan used to ask me to open things for her because she had arthritis in her hands and found it very difficult to open anything.
I wander around the shop by myself fighting back tears as best I could, just thinking about that woman and my nan, it effected me a lot, I've always known how much I miss my nan but I guess it took a woman with tendencies like my nan to make me realise how much I actually miss her - I've always meant it when I said I'd give anything to have her back even for a day - once more, just to hear her voice, just to have her close, to know she's okay, just so I can say to her 'I love you' one last time, just so she knows I'll never forget her no matter how old I get, she'll always be the brightest star in the darkest sky the most precious woman to leave the earth is not gods most special angel in heaven - the only reason she's gone is because god wanted his angel back
R.I.P Nana Joyce 17th November 1933 - 8th March 2011


That makes me think about my Grandma, who was Irish, and had horrible rhumatoid arthritis. Her hands were all crippled up when I was just a little boy. I used to spend Saturday nights over at her place sometimes. She was wonderful.
I know how you feel in missing your Grandmother. Both of mine are gone now, but I was closer to her. Grandma Bridie
I think of her every time I have a cuppa, because she's the one that taught me how to make a cuppa!
and.. your Nana hears YOUR voice, and is close, all the time, just the way mine is to me. If you feel the need to talk to her... just talk to her. She'll hear you.


Richard:- You wrote-- "I've always meant it when I said I'd give anything to have her back even for a day - once more, just to hear her voice, just to have her close, to know she's okay"

Maybe you should consider that it has now been done.


Jim you took the words out of my mouth,. God works in mysterious ways. Richard, God Almighty sent that elderly woman to you at that moment. She was in the place your grand mother would have been and trust me your gram was there at that moment thru her.. What a wonderful thing to happen. I never forget the words of Jesus: Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers (sisters) you do unto me. When your judgement day comes in MANY years from now He will remember the kindness you showed. And your gram will be standing right next to the Almighty, It will be his and her faces you see first.

Thank you so much for sharing the story. I am sure others have also been touched by it.


You are a good boy and you was brung up proper. I am tall and little old ladies are always asking me to get them items up on the top shelf, sometimes even younger ladies. I think of my grandmothers and my great-grandmother. La mia Nonna didn't speak no English so as I child I had to go with her Downtown to translate for my great-grandmother when we had to deal with the Americans. I try to do a good deed everyday cuz they are all someone's loving Granny.


sangayun guxto k na sumali dto kc i lke it,, this member ,, in

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