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Even the gift of solitude comes with strings attached,

and in an instant you're a strange face in an old photograph,

while your ocean eyes burn in someone's mind,

yeah your kisses keep them up at night .

Your silhouette haunts their dreams,

and your touch lingers between their sheets.

You're their sweetest recollection of youth,

your disappearance the harshest of truths,

and the voice that brings them to their knees.

They tip the bottle back and numb you from their system,

but no substance has yet to heal this wound,

no weapon exists which could inflict this devastation on a soul,

but a pair of wine stained lips


Very beautiful poem-- this really touched me--reminded me so eloquently of that curious mixture of love and longing......... Love is a gamble, isn't it-- and few hit the jackpot right off-- most of us have to spin the wheel again and again-- and pay the price for doing so-- but, still: what is the alternative ?? Is love an addiction? But how can it be-- when we need it to live, to be happy-- love is as natural to us as air.

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