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hi every one here is a poem that I wanted to share hope you like it - Your WRITES

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Two lovers together, this love found?
True love, thought to be abound.
One of these ill-fated lovers did with

every I love you, practice to deceive!
But to the lover that kept true to his
vows of love, he could not conceive.

His lovers lies, eyes blinded by the
elusions of a once great love he felt.
when he heard I love you from his lovers

lips his heart would melt.
But then one night after working late,
he came home to the love of his life.

Only to find him with someone else
stunned by what he had seen, he left
the room in utter shock, but then anger

filled his heart, all the love he felt did
depart. and in a rage he threw them both out!
the guilty lover tried to explain, but it was in vain.

Now parted from this betrayal, tears fell from
the eyes of the lover who kept his vow, in a
desperate shout he asked? “Why did you do this

to me!!” Through the quiet night you could hear
echoes of a broken heart beating with a rhythm
of such despair......


The poem is beautiful and heartbreaking. Been there, seen that, copped a bad attitude toward men who tell me that they love me before I think that the use of the L word is appropriate. Never mind the M word! I'm sorry someone you loved and trusted violated you in such a vile way.


thank you Tristram it hurt like hell to be cheated on but I just blame the man who did the cheating and I still believe in true love


Great Job Hope that i can share some of my songs and poems i have put away some where if i only knew where that somewhere was.....Hmmmm


thanks I hope you find them i would like to read them

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