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Brothers And Sisters - Get HAPPY

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This family drama is what I have watched(lately) during my hard times going through a moment of dishearten days. Family dramas usually doesn't catch my attention tbh, b/c life is way filled w dramas, so certainly i won't wanna watch anything way dramatic. However, Brothers n Sisters, make me feel like I wanted much to be part of Walkers (haha) .. This film, I realized (lol) they always have this arguments w one another, n the craziness each of them contributed, makes the whole series full of tension, heartwarming feelings, tears n laughter, also the beautiful scenario where you see Gay Marriage. And here, If you have already seen Brothers n Sisters, well.. I envy you (haha) .. if you yet watch It, please do so. B/c hereby I shall share w you how I feel for each casts, n the bits of story. Once you're ready, take a seat w me, get yourself a nice cup of coffee (lol) or a cup of relaxing tea, n start a journey w the crazy Walkers (lol)

1. William Walker (Tom Skerritt) : A respectful man, honourable, his children thought he was that man they loved n hate for at the same time after knowing his darkest secrets. His death plunged them into miseries already, especially when his grand-daughter was the one who witnessed how his grandfather died in the pool. The truth about him cheating on his wife, makes the children felt betrayed. Then come another story that he wasn't only having a mistress, Holly. They found out at Season 2, he had another affair w another woman who had another child, Ryan. When Holly allegedly claimed Rebecca was William's daughter, It turned out to be a lie (again).

PS: I actually like his smile (haha) He has this warm smile n I can really see he actually love his family so much that he tried his ways to repent. Perhaps death was the only way he might have thought of. Yes, he did cheat on his wife, people make mistakes, but If one is willing to repent n actually learn from his mistakes, he still has room for chances. At least, he was a good father to his children n gave them all his fair share. B/c I don't have a father that i can turn to. If only I was held by his huge hands before, I will feel the warmth from a father. Oh I do have one I called him "Father" but he is my Stepfather who never really did his part as a good father but he is faithful to my mum. Although he always hit me when I was young, I never hate him. In fact I forgive him, just for the love for my mum. My biological father dumped me when I was still sleeping in my mum's womb. I have tried searching for him, not to ask why he dumped me n my mum. I believe he has his own reasons, but If I can see him, I would wanna tell him how much i missed him. And so what even If he has a new family? He, after all, is my father. No matter how wrong he could be, blood ties can never be wrong.

2. Nora Walker (Sally Field) : A mother that never gave up on her family. She always put all her children before her. The love she has for William is indeed, enduring n the way she forgives, there's no way you will hate her! There is a scene where makes me feel that she went out all the way to forgive the mistress, Holly amazed me so much! And the part where she moves on, the scenario makes me feel how brave she is (at that age being a mother, a woman).

PS: My fav scene of her having this anxiety for her children amused me (lol). She is hilarious, annoying at times (haha) but she is so suitable for this role b/c you can see the love in her eyes for her husband who cheats on her, for her children. And the part where she n Kitty.. Makes me cry!!!

3. Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) : Okay, can someone kindly tell me please (lol) Why is this woman so HOT?!?!?! (haha) Anyways, Sarah, a sister that loves her siblings. A mother that loves her 2 children, Paige n Coop. A wife that has to go through a divorce when her husband Joe, initiate a divorce n also tried to fight for the children's custody w/o putting the thoughts of the children before him. That part aches me the most where she has to see her children pack up n leave the house. Joe is really a scumbag!!! (haha... o_Opsss) Sarah Walker is just this characteristic woman that I really, truly admire. Hell, being a lesbian (lol), I wished she's a lesbian

PS: She can be a little over-reacted but well, that makes her more human anyways. Some people are over protective, some are highly sensitive, well so she is over reacting but these are the characteristics some people possessed. Who are anyone to judge the other person? Some people misunderstood grumbling n complaining, when the other party did was just to share her feelings. Sarah Walker, If she is a lesbian , HELL!!! (lol) She will be damn hot haha .. I find her cool, charming, after every each episode I catch up on her the first 2 seasons. She is really just this charming look.. It's a gradually feelings I have for her :P haha

4. Kevin Waller (Matthew Rhys) : Can anyone kindly share If he is really a Gay man please? (haha) He is this gorgeous, cute gay guy I first seen in a series. I mean I hold back to watch BrokeBack Mountain but maybe I should just give It a go If I ever got a chance to (haha). The love he has for Scotty, his partner for now on Season 2, his marriage will definitely touched your heart. I was moved to tears b/c he is just this kind of guy that has a huge ego n denial personality (lol). The part where his Uncle (Saul) come out to him, makes me cry. B/c Kevin is so.... he is so willingly to accept his uncle though I know the character makes him like that for this role, but the way he fights for his brother Justin, he fights for Kitty, also fighting for Sarah, just makes me feel, would you wanna have such a brother? So, If he really is a Gay (in real life), why would anyone judge the other? In this series, I was at first shy to see the Gay man kissing part but, the way he loves Scotty, waw :O (lol) I m so officially jealous :P

PS: He might be a little tensed up!!! I think It is b/c of William (his dad). The flashbacks at Season 2 makes me contented to know more about Kevin. I remember for many times I seen Gays men couple in my city, deep inside my heart, I give them my blessings but my friends O_o haha.. can you blame them? They are just straight n they surely don't understand LBGT world, just like we never understand them, It's the same, n I guess, that's what make all of us .... HUMAN!!! I was working back then in a small kiosk, n this lovely gay man couple were discussing what they should have for their meals when the other has already placed his order for his partner, so they started caressing (lol) right before my eyes, romantically calling each other darling n baby (haha) What a beautiful scene, for now I think back. Then few months ago, I saw this Gay men couple, sitting right in front of me, going to Chinatown. They both were sleeping, and waw I was actually so much jealous :P but ... the looks of everyone in the train as I observed, I wished I could just stand up n tell them to shut their ****stares away!!! lol ... Of course no, who m I to do that? Anyways they weren't quite bothered much, but the other partner's looks, I felt that he is trying his best to hide as quick as possible, so he woke up from his partner's shoulder, but the other didn't care, so he held his shy partner's hand v tight. When we alight the same station, the shy one hugged him right behind when they were going up by the escalator. Anyways, I was w my colleague, the next thing you know (lol)he was grumbling n cursing n swearing while we were on our way to work. And then i just tell him to keep his bloody mouth shut (lol) b/c the gay couple is soooooo cute (haha) Of course!!! Cuter than my colleague hahahahahhhhahaa

5. Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) : She is one of the most intellectual woman I have ever seen (haha) I mean in this show, the role of Kitty, I wonder in real life, is she that intellectual but whatever It is, she is this political woman that goes all her way out for her husband, n also her family, n also the part where she n her mum make up for each other, that part touches me alot too. Look at the way this woman deal w her problems, she just tackle It on her own way, n also helping his brother, Justin when he was a drug addict. The part that gives me n impression that she's an angel was the part where she takes care of her stepchildren when they all fall sick together (lol) She is so warm to the kids n the way she wanted a baby, makes me feel that is the mother look for a woman.

PS : The first scene, I mean the introduction part is actually featuring Kitty. The part where makes her wanted a baby, I actually wanted to adopt one of my own (haha) Then I got nagged by my own mum for having such a thought. I m never a parent but I feel so much as a parent. B/c the hardest job, I can tell you, is being a parent. There are many unwanted kids in this world. God knows why the hell would any parent not wanting their children. In ancient times, like China, the most cruel thing they ever did to baby girls, they always wanted a baby boy. To them, boys can carry on the family light for them, so If the mother gives birth to a girl instead, the girl will be buried alive in the sand. I can understand the fact that sometimes children can get a little annoying but ... when you see them growing (up) when you first held them in your hands, they were just as small as your palm, that's what I heard, maybe for a man's hand, but anyhow, babies just look so tiny. So the growing up, just make you feel nothing is as worth as a life that you see. That is how I know, the hardest job in life is being a parent. A parent sacrifice to give everything to his child. If you really think you hate your parent is some point, think about It. W/o them, where you think you're heading? You exist b/c of them.

6. Justin Walker (Dave Annable) : He is a drug addict turn into a new living after many things happened. The part where I felt Tyler was so right for him, makes me feel that finally he found his true love despite the condition. The part where his mother, Nora Walker repeatedly forgive him, not just that, never gave up on him. He was so determined to change a new living til he found out his dad cheated on his mum enrages him more to resume his drug addict life. I m glad that he changed for the better when I carry on w the episodes each day after I get home from work. Then he was the first to .... accept his sister, n I m so jealous(lol), he was always surrounded w all the beautiful girls (haha). First is the Fawn during his drug addict life, til he worked as a bellboy, met his schoolmate, Tyler, then he had n short term relationship w Lena, until when Rebecca's identity was revealed, they get together at the end of Season 2 ))))

PS: The part that makes me mad at him was where he actually hurt his whole entire family. He is just this guy where I would use the word "hopeless" (lol) heyyy.. It's a drama okay, we all have likes n dislike. I mean I like him n realized he wasn't that bad after a few episodes (haha).. The part where I find him so admirable was he wanted to go back to Iraq for the war to protect the nation. I will certainly hope that he will not go back to his old ways. He is much better w/o being a drug addict.

7. Holly Harper (Patricia Wettig) : Holly's character, I mean she is this mistress that supposed to be dragged away from the Walkers, yet she became her way closer to their family business. The scene where she n Nora fought in the kitchen, makes me feel sad. Really really sad for both women. If there's really anyone to be blamed, no!!! Not even William. B/c that is love. People define them as a wrong love b/c she was the mistress that actually create a break passage in their lives but the family still get through many crisis, together, as a family. The part where Nora forgives her, really makes me feel, forgiveness is also n act of love, people.

PS: Hell !!! lol I have never seen a woman at her age, other than Meryl Streep, soooooo attractive I really love her eyes. There's a quote saying "It's quite wrong to think of old age as a downward slope. One climbs higher n higher w the advancing years, w surprising strides." (George Sand)

8. Rebecca Harper (Emily VanCamp) : The child that thought she's one of the Walkers, upset me the most that she has to endure all the lies the parents given to her. She is this character where you will either love her or hate her. She appears out of nowhere to claim to be the biological child of William Walker until she met David, a struggling director whom she suspects, was her father. And then she bravely faces the truth to go for a DNA check for her identity. But the part that makes me really mad (haha), she kissed Sarah's husband just to spite Sarah. But then after putting her in my shoes, well I would probably do the same (haha) but no, in real life I will never be a 3rd party that ruin a relationship or a family! The part where she wants to be a part of WAlker, n Nora still accepts her, just touched me deeply.

PS: I seriously now have a crush for her but after I googled her... DAMN !!!! (lol) I knew It, she has a boyfriend ! LOL .. That actually kinda smashed my thoughts for her but I still do like her :P lol Can you blame me? I m a lesbian for girls sake (lol)

The End


MY FAVORITE favorite FAVORITE TV show!!!! I miss The Walkers so much!


and Matthew Rhys is not gay, but Luke Macfarlane (Scotty) is. I'm sorry, I'm gay and that makes me a bit bias favoring the relationship of Kevin & Scotty. and as far as I have watched, the best same-sex relationship I have seen in tv and in movies is theirs. i should start watching queer as folk.

I love every episode, every part of this show. when it got cancelled, I was so so sad.

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