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Bi-sexual or Lesbian? - Get HAPPY

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Bi-sexual or Lesbian?
I wonder why us girls have this tendency to switch from boys to girls and then back to boys?
Before I give you my feelings on this matter let me give you a little background on me. As a teen at school I always dated boys, but admired the pretty looks of girls. I often fantasized about being with a girl. But it was the right thing to be with a boy. (it was the right thing, so it appeared) it wasn’t till my mid-twenties that I had my 1st relationship with a woman. She made love to me better than any man had ever made love to me. It was a bit of a whirlwind relationship and she even made love to me with a strap-on, this was strange at first, but then I enjoyed it so. As fast as we were together, we broke up, well I then thought about the matter, am I a lesbian or am I bi-sexual. Then it dawned on me, I could never be with a man again, just the thought of sucking cock again switched me off. Smiles, so now I am openly lesbian and I suppose in my mind I have always been.
Now comes the point I am trying to make. After a woman on woman sexual experience how can a woman go back to “cock” again? Most men,(not all) take you then roll over and go to sleep, ha ha ha even before you have climaxed. Then if you ask for more, they say “MORE” later perhaps. Whereas with a woman, more is part of the whole sexual experience, climaxing over and over again seems to be the norm.
So? How can one be a bi-sexual when a woman seems to meet our needs and more? Perhaps it is the feeling of that beard scratching your face and if you’re lucky scratching your clit. Perhaps it’s the farting in bed that is a turn on? Perhaps it’s the swallowing of his cum that is a turn on? Perhaps it’s the make me a sandwich quickly or what’s there to drink in this place that we seek? Or mostly to be fucked when he feels like it? And not when you want it.
So? Am I bi-sexual or lesbian? Me thinks LESBIAN!
What do you think?


Now I am sure this point is relevant with gay guys. Why would you wanna suck a clit when you can suck a cock??? heeheeheeheehee

sorry if i appear CRUDE. I just wondered??


Hmm, personally, I am attracted to both but could never sleep with another guy. So I would say that I am a lesbian; sure some guys are attractive, but the thought of a dick inside me is a big turn off.
But everyone has their own preference, whether it be guys, girls, or both.


mmm yip, i ONLY enjoy girls, my lover can also put something hard and thick into me and do me good, BUT i still can feel her soft skin and tender touch....

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