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A Glimpse Into My Heart - Your WRITES

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Never before have you seen
A heart so torn and tattered.
It was because of you that my heart was repaired,
But you are also the one that made it tear.

Covered in bandages and tons of cloth
The stitches need switched,
They are starting to fall off.
The wounds are barely even sealed
Can I please put it up for sell

Though its still broken and screaming for help
Its strong enough to still love.
Its waiting for the day to be dusted off
But for now its just me to re-do the surgery.

I know this one was real jumpy and fast I could add a little more to it, but what do you all think?


It is sweet, sincere and aching with the pain and betrayal that we have all faced.


I like it I can feel how much pain you are in good work

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